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Christ the King Secondary School Igbo-Ukwu is an enviable educational institution set up to raise children of excellence, whose excellence will go beyond academics to include character.

The school is a co-educational institution. It was founded in 2001 by the Igbo-ukwu Anglican community under the tutelage of the Anglican mission. It is located at Obiuno Village, Igbo-ukwu.

The school’s Board of Trustees—made up of men and women of honour, with Sir Eddy Muoemenam as Chairman—is entrusted with the responsibility of formulating policies, determining standards, raising required funds and providing necessary infrastructure, facilities and equipment; whereas the day to day running of the school, implementation and execution of  policies and programs are the responsibility of the Principal and staff.



The desire to establish an Anglican Secondary School in igbo-ukwu was first proposed in 1965.But the birth of Christ the King Seconbdary School Igbo-Ukwu could  not have taken place at a better time than this,when our present day public schools are at cross roads,resulting from population explosion and some other inadequacies.commitment devotedness and personal sacrifice for which teachers were known,especially during the then mission era,were no longer there,and parents and children were worst hit.

If education is allowed to be destroyed,it will be a disaster for the citizenry.Education therefore still remains the last hope for the common man.Education had been known as the life blood of the human existence,the antidote for poverty,ignorance and disease,and the key that opens door for is central for solving most,if not,all the problems confronting human societies.(prof.Borisade Babalola 2001).

The educational aims and objectives of Christ the King Secondary School in this fast changing world is therefore,faced with the peculiarities of a deprived society,which can be defined as fostering of values for later life,some details of which will include:

To bring about the spirit of Christian fulfillment and happiness,thereby encouraging the children to grow up in the knowledge and service of  the Lord Jesus Christ.

To offer an educational programme sufficiently challenging and wide-ranging,in order to produce well exposed,well adjusted,civilized,responsible and disciplined citizens,equipped to cope with the diversities and rapid changing world.

To encourage leadership qualities,such as high moral standards,truthfulness,determination and intergrity in all the students.To develop our students in academics,in character and ethics,in virtues,in outdoor activities and in social and spiritual living.

To provide a factual education as well as professional guidiance and counseling that will fully develop the innate abilities and talents of our students,so thatthey can become higly competent and effective individuals in their future pursuits.

Above all,to bring education to the door steps of our wandering youths,thereby drastically reducing or completely curbing the drop-out syndrome in male enrollment in and around our immediate environment.

Furthermore,to equip our youth for future and further education.